Pan & Zoom

First I would just like to say how much we enjoy fotomagico, the team has designed a pro-product which is both functional and very easy to use and we absolutely love it!
I have a new feature idea…
We design 300+ slide shows every year for clients and each one contains 200-800 photos, all of which use the exact same zoom/pan geometry, (a very subtle "in/out"rudiment paradiddle L-R-L-L-R-L-R-R ) After importing the photos we are faced with the mundane task of programming the zoom and pan geometry for each individual frame…not difficult, but very time consuming.

It would be very helpful if there were a way to either ‘save’ this geometry in a Pan & Zoom preset bank, or create my own custom pan & zoom templates, both of which could be easily applied to any new slideshow.
My idea for this would be a button labeled “custom presets” (beside the blank slide, add title, pan & zoom buttons), The user would simply click it and a preset drop down menu would appear saying “choose custom template”
Once you have chosen the desired template, another drop down menu would appear giving the choice to:
Apply to entire slide show
Apply to selected slides.

I’m sure this feature would be very useful to all fotomagico users.

Thank you for taking the time to read my idea.

As for your suggestion of creating some type of pan & zoom “template,” I’m all for that.

But – and this is JUST MY OPINION!! – pan & zoom has become way over-rated, overhyped, and overused. I know that this “Ken Burns” effect has become very popular since it was introduced, but I’ve seen so many slide shows where EVERY slide has a pan & zoom effect applied to it that my eyes and brain just start to go dizzy. Pan right and zoom in, then pan left and zoom out, repeat, alternate, mix-it-up, do it again, over and over and over. Sorry – way too much!! You say you create a slide show with 200-800 photos and ALL of them have pan & zoom applied. OUCH!! We’re not professionals (my wife and I), but have made numerous slide shows of our vacations to Peru, Antarctica, New Zealand, etc. and have found that using the pan & zoom “judiciously” results in a much better showing. We don’t just use P & Z to use it – it’s applied to a slide if there’s something about the subject matter on that slide that might call for it – zooming in to a particular spot on the slide, or panning to follow a perspective in the shot (along with a zoom) – there’s got to be a REASON for the P & Z other than just using the effect because it’s there. If every shot has a P & Z applied the audience becomes mesmerized at watching the show and tend to just “zen out”!! But if the presentation mixes up different aspects – slide transitions, timing, P & Z, etc – it makes for a more dramatic slide show.

Again – JUST MY OPINION!! :slight_smile:

I re-read the last paragraph to my own post and wanted to clarify something. I didn’t mean to imply that mixing up and using lots of slide transitions on a presentation is ALSO a good idea – it isn’t. I’ve seen a lot of home-made slide shows where almost EVERY transition in the book is used to go from one slide to another. Twirls, reveals, dissolves, fades, curtains, etc. – it’s just TOO MUCH!! Text comes spinning in one slide, sliding in on another, a twinkling effect on another. When we create slide shows we rely on the basics – a decent length of a slide on screen, a simple dissolve or fade from one slide to the next, text that appears for a few seconds at a consistent location on screen and then fades away. As mentioned before, we might add a pan and/or zoom if the slide calls for one – a specific point we want to draw the eye, or a perspective shot where we want to draw the viewer into (or out of) the image. Nothing is overdone just for the sake of doing it because the software CAN do it – it’s done for artistic reasons.