Pan across equirectangular 360° panoramas


how do I import and pan across 360° panoramas in the common equirectangular format? When I import such an image, FM just displays it as-is (with all the format’s inherent distortion, when laid out as flat rectangular image), but does not display it as a 360° (pan)/180° (tilt) panorama that I can specify the view direction on for start and endpoint.

How would I do this in FM? Do I need transform the image into some other projection to allow for this? Does FM require some specific metadata to recognize such images or is it possible already?

360° panoramas are quite common nowadays in travel photography, and many images are already available in such a format, e.g. on GoogleMaps.

Thanks for any help you can give,

Hi, Christian –

Fotomagico only accepts .jpegs and .pngs and movies, so the only way I know how to show a panorama is to either 1) pre-film the panorama in your camera as a movie, and then insert it on a slide to show it (you can mask, etc. if you want to) or 2) create a L-O-N-G panorama shot as a .jpeg, insert it as a layer, zoom as appropriate, then apply an animation to it (with the left side of the .jpeg starting at the right of the stage, then moving it to the left until the right side of the .jpeg ends at the left side of the stage – or vice versa, of course). If you’re trying to think of a way to show the panorama like in a QT viewer or other app that displays panoramic images, FM doesn’t work that way.

Again, you might try asking for that as a Feature Request.