Painter Layer: Feature Request - add Shapes

Current Painter has very pretty basic abilities.

Please add much needed features including drawing 2D (outline) shapes:

  • box / square / rectangle
  • circle / oval
    with each shape being a separate object that can be moved and manipulated independently of each other shape. Multiple objects/shapes per layer.

Each shape having adjustable parameters including

  • snap to grid, snap to 45/90/180 degrees or free floating z-axis
  • zoom level / shape size

Additional shapes in the future:

  • 2D Geometric Shapes: triangle, semi-circle, Parallelogram, Rhombus, star, hexagon etc.


Hi @geodevis Thanks for using mimoLive and for reaching out in the forum!

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I think we already have a much improved painter layer but somehow it didn’t make its way into the release. I will check with engineering and, if that is indeed the case, release it asap.

Thanks @Oliver_Boinx. I am eagerly waiting for it to be released.

Wishing you and the Boinx team a wonderful 2022.


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@geodevis Happy new year to you, too!

I’ve looked into this and the new layer doesn’t have the shapes. This is because the technology we use to create layers currently doesn’t support vector graphics.

But there is a great way to do this: You can use any vector graphics app and screen grab the drawing. Make sure to:

  • Use a black background
  • Use the Placer layer to add the Window Capture source or Screen Capture source to mimoLive
  • Use the “Add” Blending Mode in the placer layer (Available in mimoLive 6.0b5 or newer)

You could even use an iPad with a pencil…

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