Paid for subscription but app doesn't accept it

After a long absence, I decided to start using Fotomagico again.
I just paid for a 1 month subscription, but the app doesn’t seem to connect to the subscription so I can’t create a new slideshow. I tried on both Mac and iPad.

On my Mac I get error statusCode: 523

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I’m sorry for the troubles. There have been some issues with the data center where this part of our servers is hosted. Those have been resolved and everything should be working again. Thank you for your patience and thanks for getting back into FotoMagico!

Thank you for the reply. Looking forward to using it for my next project.

This seems to be my problem too. Has it been fixed or is it still an issue?

Seems to be a server problem again, I can not view my subscriptions. Furthermore, the download tab is empty. There is no downloadable version visible.

Hi @Nairolf22 Thanks for letting us know. We have fixed the issue this morning. My apologies for the troubles.

Not fixed, as I keep getting messages that I am using the demo version, although I have downloaded and paid for the monthly subscription.

Similar problem. I just purchased a 1 yr subscription for FotoMagico. I have successfully activated it on my Mac desktop but the iPad version does not see my subscription. I have logged into my account on the iPad but the app does not see the license. I have tried subscribing my entering my email over an hour ago, but have not received any emails from Boinx.

License synced with iPad about 2 hrs ago.
Thank you.

Hi @EdS Thank you for using FotoMagico. I’m glad to hear that it worked out.

Thank you for taking time out of your weekend to reply. Great customer service!

i can’t open my fotomagico

I have been an AppleStore subscriber since the beginning. Alas for a month FotoMagico no longer makes the link with AppleStore and asks me to subscribe. Then it finds that I am already subscribed and displays: unknown error.
I unsubscribed, waited for the deadline and then subscribed again without success.
Do you have a solution ?

I am having the same problem. I have an active subscription through Apple. I cannot get FotoMagico to recognize it. When I click subscribe again, it says I am already subscribed and then goes to a message that says “An unknown error has occurred”. I pay $80 annually to use this program 2-3 times a year, and when I really needed it this morning for a trade show that we are going to, I can’t even access the software I paid for.