Overload Session

Hi guys @Oliver_Breidenbach @Achim_Boinx

today i had the first real struggle with mimoLive.
I use it from many months by now and never had any problem.

The problem i had, has been, especially on play out video clips; glitches and stutter audio.
But first i resume here what the project of mimoLive was made:

  • 7 mimoCall
  • NDI Output (feeding PGM and n-1 into a windows PC, with Teams Meeting)
  • BMD Output (PGM a/v to feed another Mac as well for streaming)
  • NDI Input (capturing Teams meeting video and audio)
  • Loaded media files: 2 videos, 20 graphics)

For NDI, i used a netgear 8 port managed switch.
My main computer is Macbook Pro 16", i7 6 core, 16 GB RAM, Dedicated GPU radeon 5300 4 GB.

I had in the past weeks, something very similar (less calls), and everything worked smooth.

Based on your experience, do you think i pushed too much my MBP?

I never missed a live in many years, this one has been the first