Overlaying images on playing video?

I am just trying to figure out if I can time images to show up on top of video that is playing? So, if video si playing in one frame (about 15 seconds worth) is there a way to have a small image show up at 5 seconds, 10 seconds etc? I tried using visibiity and I get them to show up/fade in, but they come up right away…or pretty quickly. There doesnt seem to be a way to add a marker?


I just went to try this and I was able to make it work. And you mentioned using “visibility” which is exactly what I did. The problem I see is that FM doesn’t allow you to do timings based on exact mm:ss markers, only by percentages of the entire slide duration.

I had a slide with a video. I placed an image on the layer above it, and made sure it was selected. Then went to the Visibility pane on the right side. I dragged the start arrow for visibility to the right, and dragged the end arrow for visibility to the left (can also adjust the in/out fade timing as well) – but this is all done visually. If you CLICK in the segmented bar representing the visibility timings, you’ll get a drop down dialog box that allows you to adjust the PERCENTAGES accordingly. So, for example, if the video were 1 minutes long and you set the fade in value at 50%, the image should appear at 30 seconds. Not the best way to adjust timing, but hey, it works.

So, in your case, if the video is only 15 seconds long and you want the image to appear at the 5 second mark, try entering 33%.

Good luck…