Output with Alpha Channel

Hi. This question doesn’t seem to have been addressed recently. To make a correction in a lower third for a final edit, I was hoping to be able to export a within Mimo-designed lower third I used in a show in ProRes 4444 including the transparent alpha channel. However, I can’t seem to find a way to obtain that transparency. I’ve tried a background with opacity reduced to 0%, and just the lower third and logo as the only output, but I get either output with a black background or gray with the Mimo play symbol. Anyone have any ideas for this? Thank you! Screenshots are below.

The BackgroundLayer does not give you transparency, it terminates the PGM out to a black background. Switch the BackgroundLayer off. And record it again. Or, when it’s easier to do:

work around:
Drag your LowerThirdsLayer into a second document without a BackgroundLayer. Try it again. :blush:

Ps: QuickTime always renders on black background. If you used another layer as Background, try to preview it with “spacebar” first.

Hi, Johannes. Even by creating a new file with no background as you suggested, exporting as ProRes 4444 and using a Final Cut timeline in ProRes 4444, I’m still getting that gray Mimo logo background. Other thoughts? Anyone? I can mask this out, but I would think we should be able to export with a transparent background somehow…Thanks!

It’s the mimoCall place holder. Is any mimoCall configured at your lower third layer, please set it to none.

Oops, you were right there. But now I’ve tried with only the lower third and a ProRes 4444 output. It’s still got a black background and the animation is not being output properly either - just a sudden jolt rather than the smooth in and out. Maybe there is no way to get a transparent background on the output?

The PGM out is transparent by default. :slight_smile: If not, your settings are mixed up. Do you use ‘frosted glass’ effect? It can just use black, if you have nothing under it.

Mine is transparent. It’s a screenshot from a lower third, which is rendered out in ProRes4444. The preview is opened with “spacebar” over “webcontrol”, so you’re able to see that it is transparent.

BTW, the blur is caused by the preview application, not by the Pro Res file:

I’m sorry that I do not have a better message for you. Please have a look again, if something of your configuration is producing a background.

And please make sure that you ONLY have the document with your lower third open. Who knows, maybe mimoLive is sharing content between documents. (especially “parts of sources”)

Now it has worked! Not sure what I changed, but I’ve got it! It happened after I tried previewing it–and then it worked. Thank you!

Sometime, mimoLive is a mystery. :blush:

Glad to hear that it is working now.

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