Output major performance issues

Yesterday, during a long test (volley match), i had a couple of several problem.

Macbook Pro M1, Monterey, b3.

First: stream on Facebook (not with RMTP), 1920x1080, 50fps, default settings of encoding… after some minutes of regular streaming, red warning of low bandwidth drop from 2.5mbps to 250kbps, but there weren’t any bandwidth problem (I tested in realtime). The image quality has obviously deteriorated but unlike other times when there is a real drop in bandwidth, the encoder did not return to normal levels but remained on the red, fixed at 250kbps and there was no way to restore it except by stopping and restarting the stream. As a demonstration of the fact that there were no bandwidth problems, the stream restarted without problems with the correct values.

Second: same stream, red warning “dropped FPS (0.1) because encoder too slow. Please reduce frame rate and/or frame size” with output blocked at about 40 and consequently interrupted stream by Facebook.

The impression is that the encoder was really blocked, in fact trying to restart the stream the problem was already there immediately.

From that moment on I have continued an hour and a half of streaming without any other problems.

During the reported problems I did not notice any kind of suffering of the machine, there were no obvious overloads of resources or problems with latency, CPU in crisis or other.