Our new PRO SWITCHER with mimoLive

Hey, guys. We are preparing a video presentation of our new switcher. How we run our tv station using ONLY mimoLive. We now have another studio in Connecticut. We are connected via mimoCall: no delays, no nothing.

But this switcher: we have a main computer (MacBook Pro) receiving everything from the other iMacs. Each iMac runs the monitor on stage. One of them can receive the mimoCall - it is a vertical monitor - and this “guest” can be “virtually” in our studio. Yes, we can put him on the screen too. But not full screen.

We are automating all the lowerthirds with the video reports. When host starts talking about something, only in one click we have the image, lowethird and volume on.

We are going to do some experiments. We only use 2 mimocall simultaneously. We never tried more than that. We’ve been 4 hours live during the Election Night, 13 guests coming and going. We have two PTZ Optics with joystick controller.

You’ll see our presentation. I can’t wait. In this pic, you can see only one iMac, the other is out of range. And this is not the final switcher. Oh! This is important: we are using all these iPads to control everything. And this is amazing. Thank you @Achim_Boinx and everybody responsible for this MUST HAVE tool called mimoLive.


Looks very impressive! One question, would it be not easier to use one larger touch screen running on windows to use for the web based buttons than 4 iPads?

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@RedDev That is certainly an option. The big plus of having multiple remote control surfaces is that you can share responsibility with multiple people.

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Looks great! Can’t wait for the presentation!

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Wow! That looks great. Looking forward to see the presentation as well :+1:t2:

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That’s the thing: we have three computers using the software. We have two iMacs. Each one have specific rolls in this switcher. We are finishing the control room and we will finish the presentation. We are very excited.