Our Home Improvement Promo!


I went to buy both Fotomagico and iStopMotion at 10 pm Central Time U.S. on Sunday, May 22, and both were priced regularly. Why did the sale end prematurely?

Screenshot taken before the sale supposedly ended:


I also went late Sunday 22/5 to find that prices were back to normal. Great shame you closed offer early. casts doubts on your true intentions.

UPDATE: Since more people are affected than we thought, we will add another day to the promo.

Hi guys,

I am very sorry about this confusion. The App Store apparently uses the date line to decide what date it is, so "late Sunday" becomes "early Monday".

Our Kagi Store still has the reduced prices which we will keep until end of Monday (PST).




Thanks, Oliver. I completed my purchase through the Kagi store (which I prefer over the Mac App Store anyway).

These time zones are a bummer. When do we get Star Trek’s Stardate? (or use unix time stamp)