OSC/MIDI control

Hi there,

What is the status on support for OSC/MIDI control? We are running more complex shows these days and doing everything on the fly is not always an option. Therefore, I’d like to implement QLab to send OSC or MIDI commands so I can trigger whatever we need in MimoLive. Writing http get requests is just not a very friendly way of programming a show everytime.

I’d love to hear.


I’m in full agreement that OSC/Midi would be an incredible benefit to MimoLive.

There was an extensive forum thread on this topic, but it became a lot of noise and the result was basically nothing.

I guess: The eyes will be closed 'till a native version of mimoLive for Apple Silicon, QC-transition to boinx-composer and the what-should-every-layer-support-thing.

I’d love to hear if OSC/MIDI support is on the roadmap of MimoLive. In the meantime I use the following script in QLab to send http get requests, it’s far from optimal, but for now it works.

tell application “System Events”
set content to (do shell script “curl “http://example.com/path/to/resource””)
end tell