(OS X Mavericks) Keeps asking for Universal Access Support even though I granted it

Even though I gave it permission in System Preferences->Security and Privacy->Privacy and checked off Mousepose, it keeps asking me to give it permission when I activate the keystrokes. What to do???

Sorry about that! We are currently working on an update, please be patience!

No problem here

We submitted an update at Apple for review and expect the approval within the next days.

Thanks. What is the version number of this update? I still don’t see it today. Only see 3.2.2 in the app store which was last updated July 14, 2011.

@Damson: Unfortunately Apple rejected our app and so we have to work on it again. Sorry for the delay!

Mouseposé 3.2.4 finally arrived in the Mac App Store. It will ask you to grant permission in the System Preferences the first time you activate keystrokes.
Maybe you need to restart Mouseposé afterwards, but then it will show all the keystrokes as you are used to.
We apologize for the delay and hope you satisfy the update.

I gave it permission in System Preferences>Privacy and dropped Mousepose in it and checked, still it keeps asking me to give it permission to activate the keystrokes. v3.2.4 on Mavericks…

with a little help from boinx, problem solved… thanks…just delete the old “com.boinx.Mousepose.plist” from prefs folder