Options to handle multiple remote presenters

I had an idea for a recent stream that involved 10 remote presenters over a 8 hour conference.

I thought that I would use an associate to cue up the next presenter, making sure camera and audio were good etc.

I made a master document in Mimo with all the calls labeled. I then created segment documents with only the relevant participants. I then shared copies of the docs with my AP so he could prep them.

I ran in to two issues:
First, since I was feeding the content into a Zoom conference, I had virtual camera running. Well, Zoom does not like to switch between the virtual camera of different docs. At the 11th hour, I had to go back to using the 1 master doc with all the calls.

When my AP would try and prep the presenter, of course they would appear in my document and not his. I get why, obviously.

Maybe there could be a way to “turn-off” a mimo call for this purpose or perhaps a recent history of calls that could be added back in.

Even if there is a way to add mimocall via URL, then I could easily remove and add calls for this purpose.

I am curious how others handle this type of work.