Opération a local stream with Mimolive (lkle Vmix Livelan)

Hello. Is there a way to do the equivalent of Wmix livelan on mimolive ? I work for a school and would be very interested. We do local streaming with ndi hx output but it requires the viewer on the LAN to have installed NDI monitor. thanks for help _

Hi @Pierre_Bessette Thanks for using mimoLive and for reaching out!

It is a philosophical question if you want to burden your live production system with a local streaming server. We’ve decided it is a better way to operate a separate local streaming server. This is fairly easy with NGINX. We’ve published a project that creates a docker container with all that is required as well as setup instructions: GitHub - boinx/nginx-rtmp: Live streaming video server for Flash, iOS and Android

It is a bit old but still works.

Tanks a lot Oliver. I will try and let you know.