Old BoinxTV layers

I have old projects/documents that were created in BoinxTV. I am able to open and use these documents in mimoLive. I am able to use the layers that were available in BoinxTV that are not available in mimoLive. I’d like to use some of these layers in a new mimoLive document, but when I try to drag and drop to the new document, I get the “+” symbol, but the layer is not added. When I try to copy and paste into the new document, it does not work either. The specific layer I’m attempting to use is the Painter Layer from BoinxTV. We’d like to use it as a “Tele-strator” of sorts. Is it possible to use some of these original BoinxTV layers in a new mimoLive document?

Drag&Drop and copy/past of layers only works with already installed layers, not with layers that are carried with a mimoLive/BoinxTV document only. You will need to install those layers first. To do so follow these steps:

  1. Find the old BoinxTV document in a Finder window
  2. Right click on it to reveal its context menu
  3. Click on “Show Package Contents”, this will bring you “inside” the BoinxTV document package in a new Finder window.
  4. Navigate into the “Layers” folder and find your desired layer.
  5. Make a duplicate of the layer file (select it and hit command-D)
  6. Exchange the extension of the duplicated file from “.qtz” to “.tvlayer” (select the file and hit the “return” key to get into the file name edit mode)
  7. Double-click this renamed file. It will start mimoLive and install the layer into the layer repository.

Now you are able to use this layer in new documents.

Thank you for the detailed instructions, Achim. This work perfectly!