Old .app file wont open in new version

I have some sequences created in previous versions of FM. When I try to run these .app files in latest version I get a message that file needs to be updated and to contact developer. Any suggestions for a solution please before I get in touch with Boinx.

Hi, RayBeck –

I’m just curious how old these sequences are and what version of FM they were created in. I have a Peru slideshow from back in 2014 using FM 4.5 and it opens and plays just fine (almost!) in the current version 6.2.1 – the slides and the audio tracks appear to be working, but I used a gradient .png file that’s placed behind every text layer, and it appears correctly on some slides, but doesn’t appear at all on others, even though it’s in the Timeline (which obviously would require some editing if we ever show it again). But I didn’t get any indication that the file needs to be updated.

I would suggest you contact Boinx and see if they can assist you. Good luck…

@RayBeck I guess you are talking about a Stand Alone Player app you created with an older version of FotoMagico. Unfortunately those apps won’t run on current macOS versions anymore.

If you need to get those slideshows back into the new FotoMagico (you can use FotoMagico 6 for free as a player!) you should do the following:

  • In Finder select the slideshow.app file in question with a single click.
  • Hit command-d to make a duplicate of the slideshow just to be save in case something went wrong with the following.
  • Hit command-i on the keyboard to get the Finder’s information window for the copied file.
  • Find the “Name & Extension” field in that window and replace the ending “.app” with “.fms”. You will be asked if changing the extension is ok. Confirm by clicking “Use .fms”.
  • Now the standalone player app has changed to a slideshow document which you should be able to open in FotoMagico 6.

Does this work for you?

Ooops, my mistake (or oversight). I didn’t pay attention to the “.app” reference and wrongly assumed it was just an old FM file that wouldn’t open, not one that was a Standalone Player file.