Occasionally closes on its own

Mousepose occasionally closes on its own. The app icon at the top disappears, and I’d lose the mouse click effect I had on.

I’m on Yosemite 10.10.5. How do I keep the app always on?
It looks like a bug to me.


Do you have two displays? To me the Mouseposé effect disappears when I start it on one screen move the mouse cursor to the second screen and touch the app dock at the bottom. Do you have a similar behaviour?

Hi Achim, I only have one screen.

However I use an app called BetterSnapTool. May this be conflicting with Mousepose?

I also use F.lux which diminishes the blue wavelength part of the screen when close to bedtime to promote melatonin. Hmm. F.lux definitely affects the screen.

This sounds like a silent quit of the app which usually can only be performed by the app itself. Otherwise the system will write a crashlog and report this to you on screen. However by chance the system was reporting this into a log. Please check the “Console” app by Apple if there are any reports about Mouseposé crashing. Please send the crashlogs in a direct message to me. Thanks for your patience!

Sure, thanks!

Hi Achim, did you receive my direct message? Thanks.