[Objectiv C] Rebuild / run Json Streaming, QCOAuth etc... plugins

Hi everyone !

I actually started to learn ObjectivC but it still a little bit weird for me. I’ve started this to fix some QC plugins, such as Json Streaming, but I’m not good and I can’t solve my problems.

So, in Xcode, when I build the JSON Streaming I have this error :
QCJSON-master/QCJSON/QCJSONStreamingPlugIn.m:265:84: Used type 'NSURLSession' where arithmetic or pointer type is required

I’ve added a * after NSURLSession, but after I have another error …

For QCOauth, I’ve a Mach-o link error, I’ve looked on web, there is lot of solutions but, they don’t work or they were realized on Old Xcode/OSx and I don’t find the option :s

I’m on Sierra, with the last Xcode.

Anyone have a suggestion ?