OAuth help

Hi !

Is there any update of OAuth Patch planned ?

I’m new in Objectiv-C so it’s hard for me to make my own, but there is new OAuth protocol since the 2.0 version like Bearer etc… Or may be I just don’t succeed to use the OAuth patch ?

In advance thank you.


I want to delete the topic/change the title to create a new one, because I really need help.

I need help because I don’t understand how to use OAuth / JSON Streaming and HTTPRequest in QuartzComposer.

And I need for a conposition to get a token, but this token is limited in time, so I need to ask a refresh token, I try to use OAuth and HTTPRequest but didn’t succeed :frowning:

And I try to use JSONStreaming instead of JSON Importer because the data is often updated but it didn’t work, but for this I’ll try to make a lua script instead.

So anyone can help me ?