NOT using Music Snippet Audio Markers

I have preferences/Authoring set to “Never sync Audio to slides”, but the Music Snippets have “Linked to Slides” and “Locked Timing” preset which overrides my preferences and sets all my slide timing to 7.3 seconds (for slides above the snippet audio.)

Since most of my slides are set for 3 to 5 sec, my slideshow length is pretty much doubled.

When I delete the audio (or just move it in the audio track), the 7.3 slide timing is left behind unless I am smart enough to use “Undo” to remove it.

In addition, when I move the snippet along in the slideshow, it no longer overrides my slide timing. This would be a semi-solution if it didn’t mean I would have to go back and redo the timing on the slides originally effected.

This is not critical. I can get along just fine without using the Music Snippets, but I thought it would be nice to include them where possible (properly credited), since the authors were nice enough to put the work into creating them for us.

Thanks for your response.