No text creation possible with accents

I tried it out in FM 4 and it worked there properly. In FM 5.0b65 it is not possible to create a french word with accents aigu é or grave à ù è or circumflex ê. The result is always ´e or ^e

The same problem here !!
I found this :
Combining alt + ^ = Ô
alt + e = ê
alt + i = î
But on my iMac é and è works fine.
Not simple !
Bon courage

Hi willyman
Another way : Type the text with all accents you want into TextEdit and paste into FotoMagico. It’s OK for me.

@Paratoner: combining ´e or ^e makes on a german keyboard in all applications the correct result, even in FM4.x but not in FM 5.0b.
I don’t need a workaround, I wanted to tell Boinx about this little problem

Yes willyman, it’s the best method. Send your message to "".

I can confirm this. Here is a workaround for example for ê, you hit ^ and the e extremely quick afterwards. Same works for accents. We will fix this.

There is a new beta out that fixes this (it might take a moment until it is available everywhere)

Yes works with FN5.0b67 :slight_smile: