No Story Snippets available

I have a pro version of Fotomagico 5.
When I load the demo slide show, all snippets are available, but when I create my own show, I only see Intros, Credits and Music snippets.
I can see the full list in my mac folder, but they do not show in the snippet browser

The snippets are designed to work with an stage aspect ratio of 16:9 only. If you have a different aspect ratio in your slide show, the snippets won’t be shown in the snippets browser. Did you change the aspect ratio of the demo slide show on your computer?

Thanks for the quick answer.
You are right. I just created a new test slideshow with 16:9 ratio and I can see all the snippets.

However, your demo.fms slideshow also shows all snippets, yet it has a 4K aspect.
Also, with a 3:2 slideshow, even though the snippet titles are not visible, I can still control-click on the snippet folder name , show in finder, and drag the snippet from there to my timeline and it will work.
Since most of the shows I produce are in the 3:2 aspect, I wanted the convenience of having the snippets visible.

If I create my own snippets, can I build them for 3:2 ?