No opening screen

…with its list of slideshows. You now have to select from a pull-down menu.
And (as I said before) it would be nice if the opening screen had a pop-up asking if one wants to import one’s snippets from v5.

Not sure what you mean – the opening screen (for the beta versions) has always been the same – “BETA” bar and FM blah, blah on the left, and the “Create Slideshow” section on the right, along with New, Open Recent, Demos, and Tutorial tabs along the top. Clicking “Open Recent” will show your recent “list of slideshows.” I don’t remember ever seeing a “list of slideshows” automatically pop up on any opening screen. Guess I’m not following you – sorry :frowning:

Strange. I opened the beta again and got the opening screen

This is different from the (more useful?) one in v5

Your top image is what displays when you click on the main menu item FotoMagico > Check for Downloads…

My beta always starts up with this:

and I can find my Recent files by clicking the Open Recent tab and it shows like this: