No Audio on Recorded File

I recently recorded a webstream in mimoLive and came away with beautiful ProRes 422 video, but no audio. The audio tracks are there, but there is nothing in them. I’m trying to figure out how this happened, as we had the switched program feed (video & audio) running through mimoLive via an UtlraStudio 4K Extreme. We were adding a twitter feed and playing prerecorded clips in mimoLive, then outputting via the UltraStudio to two Teradek Vidiu Pro encoders for web streaming. Audio was present on the encoded stream, but not in the recorded file. The unusual thing about this web stream was the 25 hour length. Again, the 25 hour ProRes 422 video looks great; but NO audio. The audio format for recording was set to Linear PCM.

Some additional info:
The video file won’t open in Quicktime, but shows an error. However, it will import into and play in FCPX (sans audio). It will also play in VLC player, without audio. Could the file be corrupted in a way that keeps the audio from being detected?

@“Jason Jenkins” I’m very sorry to hear that. Of course, this should never happen. I apologize for the troubles.

I will contact you by email.

I’m necro-bumping this post instead of starting a new one, but I’m having a similar problem. The only outputs I have for mimoLive are the Virtual Camera and the File Recording. The Program Output does not include audio, but I have an audio source set up and in the recording output section I select the audio source as the audio for the recording. The video is set to Program Output. The recording formats are Video - H.264 and Audio - Linear PCM. The resulting video recording has the video but no audio. Am I doing something wrong?

Hi @bernardo.attias The quickest way to find out would be to send me the mimoLive document. Just respond privately to me here.