No audio for first song with Beta

I like the enhancements in new version - the effects like Blur etc. nice

But I have a problem with BETA - the first audio track does not play - silent - no matter what song I use - I render with Standard version and audio is there no problem -

What am I doing wrong or is this a Bug ? after first song audio comes in just fine and the rest of audio tracks play fine

Please advice

I’m unable to duplicate that. My first track seems to play just fine. I know this might be a stupid question, but ARE YOU SURE the first track has no AAC encryption and is NOT in Apple DRM format. Those encryption techniques must be removed for FM to play an audio track.

Also, are you sure the volume for that track is not set to 0 (look at the waveform in Timeline mode and be certain the yellow line at the top of the audio track is set all the way to the top). If not, you can move it (although if you just imported a track and haven’t done anything to it, the volume should already be set to its maximum level by default).

good point - but I subscribe to Royalty free music - but I have swapped songs that play fine as they are royalty free - as second third fourth etc to be first song - and as first song they do not play
so issue does not seem to be related to the song but rather to FM - song that plays fine under FM 5 does not play under 6 - so to clarify - the first song plays fine when in FM - but once I have done a SHARE - as TV or Tablet then the video file starts slideshow without playing first track but second tracks and rest play fine - so I render with FM 5 and all music tracks play fine - when I render in FM 6. the first track does not play but rest play fine

Have you reported that as a bug? From the main menu go to Help > Beta Feedback.