No audio feedback on mimoLive Reporter


we have recently started to explore using mimoLive Reporter to increase interaction in our programs. However, we are having a hard time getting participants to have an audio feed from the program. Video looks fine and they can see the program output, but no audio at all.

This has been reproduced on at least 5 different iOS devices, so it’s definitely consistent. It also made us wonder whether or not there could be some configuration on mimoLive itself affecting this? Needless to say, sound is definitely present on the program output on mimoLive. Also, as an interesting fact, Android clients working via browser can hear audio normally.

We ran out of options on what else to check. This feature would really make a difference to us, but as it stands it’s unfortunately not usable. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!

I apologize for the inconvenience. This is a known issue and a fix is being worked on. Meanwhile, it seems to work ok in the Chrome browser on Android, Mac and Windows. You can also give it a try in Safari on iOS, which seems to work for some people.

We hope to have the update next week.

Hello @Hugo_Ribeiro. I apologize for the inconvenience and the wait. We have repaired the mentioned issue. The mimoLiveReporter version 2.3. has been submitted for review (to the AppStore). As soon as the review process finishes, I will inform you. Stay tuned!

Hi there Mladen, thanks for your reply. We’re definitely looking forward to that version. I’ll be watching closely for your updates!!


Hi @Hugo_Ribeiro , the mimoLiveReporter v2.3. is available for download.

new user, having issues with audio in mimo reporter 2.3

callers cannot get AirPods or other headphones as output

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I’m experiencing this too. @Mladen_Bekavac can you please make a check?

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Hi @Art_Aldrich & @tino. Thank you for using mimoLiveReporter and the feedback. I am currently in the final stages of testing.
I have used an older Bluetooth headsets ARCTIC P311 (Bluetooth 4.0) and the newer AirPods 2 (Bluetooth 5.0), both working great. I will keep you updated, stay tuned for version 2.4.!

@Mladen_Bekavac that’s great.

Thank you for patience and feedback.
The new version (2.4.), with bluetooth support is available on the AppStore (@Art_Aldrich , @tino).

Thanks for the update. Will test out today.

I have a pulsing sound in my tests with older AirPods and new AirPod Pro’s.

Here are some samples from my test:

Wired Headphones - work fine

AirPods Gen 1 - clicks

AirPod Pro - clicks

Hi @Art_Aldrich. Thank you for the feedback and recordings. We will try to reproduce the issue.
Could you please just check your iOS version and iOS device, so we can try to replicate the same conditions as much as possible.

iPhone 11Pro running 13.4.1

@Art_Aldrich thanks for your testing, I didnt test it yet, as i did last productions using Skype for more convenience on guests. Hope to test it soon, so i can give my experience too.