Nine Riders - paintings slideshow

Nine Riders - I have produced an art ‘paintings’ narrative slideshow showing a parable of the possible consequences of human activity and the triumph of hope, I thought artists may like to see how Fotomagico can be used for a fine art video, and is not necessarily just a program for photographers. See it on YouTube

Nicholas, Thank you for using FotoMagico and sharing your work! Can I use it as an example on the FotoMagico theater page? Best regards, Oliver.

Oliver, glad you liked it and you are welcome to use it for your theater page. The Youtube address has changed because I lowered the audio voiceover on one of the softer music tracks. New address is:

I have done second video (Indian Paintings) that may be of interest to the artist users of Fotomagico. The YouTube address is -

Hi nostrebor,
very impressive picture show. Perfect usage of FotoMagico’s capabilities. Congratulation!!!

@nostrebor Thanks for sharing these! The Indian Paintings one seems to have been removed from YouTube. Did you upload a newer version?

Yes, its on - I will try and load it to Boinx Theater.[I am not sure why it did not play Willyman, but I have relisted it here and it does play]