Newbie Question

Hello! I just purchased Mimolive, and so far I absolutely LOVE the possibilities with this!!

One question I haven’t been able to find an answer to. I have a Mac book that I purchased the program on and downloaded it too. If I also wanted to download it on my Windows PC for when I am in my studio, can I do so using the same License Key? I was h

@“Birdland BS” Thank you for giving mimoLive a go. I’m glad you like it.

mimoLive is exclusive to macOS because that allows us to best leverage the great technology that is provided by the platform which results in the great possibilities you discovered.

thanks Oliver! Well what if I decided to replace my PC in studio with a MAC. Am I able to use the same License key on both devices? The MacBook Pro and the Mac?

That depends. If you are the sole user of both computers, yes. If the studio computer will be used by other people, then you need to get a separate license for it.