New version and automatic update

In the preference panel, it is stated that Boinx will look once a day for a new release and update automatically. I read in the forum that we are now on version 5.0b34, but my version that I have is still 5.0b32 and when I ask for an update, the answer is that my version is the newest!!! Strange!
By the way,I’m still on Yosemite. Is it save to update to El Capitan once I will have version 5.0b34?

I usually check the update page manually for betas. I don’t really know if the automatic update applies to beta versions, but I know it works for the released versions. The latest release is 4.6.5, and the latest beta is 5.0b34. As of today, for sure it is safe to update to El Capitan. Both the released AND beta versions have been fixed to run in both of those environments. Obviously there are still some issues with the beta version, but basically it appears to be working.

Hello, thanks for feedback. However, I opened 5.0b32 now and checked for an update. I still got the message that 5.0b32 is the latest version!

It should apply to updates even in the beta. In b32, we screwed the auto update up though :frowning: We are planning to send an email to all beta testers as soon as we release a new version this week.