New user, audio trim question


I’ve been using FM6 for a couple of weeks, everything going very well (ages ago I used version 1 or 2 or something :slight_smile: ).

But one thing is baffling me - I’m having real trouble with audio end points. If I drag the end of an audio clip to a particular point in the timeline, the audio should stop there, correct? But sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t (on different clips, I mean). Why circumstances can allow a clip to carry on playing beyond its end point?

Also, just to confirm - fadeout occurs -after- the end of the clip as shown in the timeline, correct? When I set, say, a 5 sec fade, the fade starts as the playhead passes the end of the clip. Is that expected?


Sorry, facepalm … I just realised I confused the OFFSET slider with the FADE slider. Seems that was the reason. Lesson learned, never start editing in the morning before at least 4 espressos…