New MacBook Pro 14 inch and number of licenses

I just bought a new MacBook Pro 14 inch and haven’t set it up yet. I currently have two Macs from 2017, which is why I am slowly going to upgrade. My question is: How many Fotomagico 6 licenses can I use? Currently, I have Fotomagico 5 on both of my old computers. I am planning to slowly phase out one of my old computers, just haven’t decided which one yet.

I am planning on getting the subscription because I really like creating slideshows for my family and friends.

Looking forward to your responses.

Mary Ellyn Vicksta

Hi @MEV1 You can use your FotoMagico 6 license on as many devices (Macs and iPads) that you own.

This is great new!. I have 3 MACs (1 just purchased) and two iPads. All of which are attached to my Apple ID. I assume that using the App store is the best way to start my use of Fotomagico 6. Is there an annual subscription price?

You can either use purchase on the App Store or on our website.

To be able to use the license on both Mac and iPad you need to register at Boinx Connect, get a Boinx ID and sign in from both Mac and iPad.

I am on my iPad now and it has a valid license for iPad until Nov 15 2022. Is there a way that I can combine the two. Right now I signed up for the free trial, but can change to paying subscription if that will help the transition.

My apologies for the troubles. I’m contacting you on a DM to get your specific details, but for others following this thread: We’ve discovered an issue that affects users who set up a Boinx Connect ID with a different email than the one they were using to purchase FotoMagico. This occurs primarily if you purchase on the App Stores or use Sign in with Apple/Google/Facebook when signing up to Boinx Connect. We’re working on a general solution.