New Mac Hardware Benchmarks

Now that apple have announced the new range of M1 Pro and M1 Max MacBooks the latest version of the mimoLive beta should scream along.

I haven’t yet ordered a new machine but I’d love to hear from people who have. It would be great to get some sort of benchmarks.

If you are interested please comment below.

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I former suggested to test everything I get on M1max64gb. Should I write a post, as soon as I get the hardware?


Oh yes Johannes. Please do. M1 Max 64Gb! I am very envious. :smiley:

Do you already have some of your documents in your mind, which could be interesting?

Did your new Mac :computer: arrive Johannes?

Congratulations if it has.

I don’t have any specific documents in mind, but wouldn’t it be great to come up with a few here from forum members.

For instance what would the maximum number of mimoCalls possible?

How many sources can be played at one time?


A pity, not yet. I have to wait between 12. and 23. November. What a m…

I received my 16" M1 Max with 32GB ram on launch day. Have been doing some stress testing with resources I have available.

was able to do 1080p30 x 10 mimo calls and 10 iso records to HEVC internal drive without incident.

I did hit a wall with 19 HEVC records. 18 was the limit. In contrast, my 2019 MacPro could only muster 6 HEVC records.

ProRes LT recordings worked flawlessly at 25 recordings.

More to come.


That’s incredible. We’re living in a whole new world (in terms of macs)! Just curious if you’re recording those 25 recordings to the internal drive or external?

Internal SSD which is really fast. The limitation seems to be encoder/processor limits, not disk write speed.