New LUT-Filter... It's amazing! THX Boinx!

This new feature is outstanding. I just bundled some of my LUTs on the device to a file, maybe you want to play around with it.

Just change at the camera’s filter the “custom” LUT-file. To see results in PGM.

WOW, Boinx!!! THX SO MUCH!! Now, I’m able to simply include old BMD-Pocet-Cinema-Cameras, without messing around!!! (4 additional cameras in HD, without buying new ones!!!) :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

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Very long way to add LUT.

Please add create LUT from all types checkers, or add *.cube file.

Now working bad, look to the difference when I add cube LUT in FCP and convert cube to PNG in photoshop and add in MimoLive

Снимок экрана 2022-10-20 в 11.24.56

Hi @Temir_ukushev Thanks for looking at the new LUT filter and for your professional feedback.

Could you please send me the original footage, the .cube file you used and the 512x512 png you made from this so we can analyse where the difference is?



here you are

Thanks! We’ll look into it and let you know.

Hi @Temir_ukushev Thanks again for sending the material.

We’ve been able to improve the Color LUT filter quite a bit thanks to your feedback. Converting the .cube file into the PNG remains a bit of a pain, but is straight forward using Photoshop.

The second issue is that the source movie file you posted is actually 12 bit format, while mimoLive only supports 8 bit at this time.

The new Color LUT filter will be in the next release and I will send it in advance via private message.