New issue...mimo crashes

Running MIMO Version 5.11 (29401) on iMac OS V11.4 with 3.6 gig 8 core i9 and 32G memory. Never had any issues like this in the past but recently if I launch MIMO live by clicking on an existing project OR select an existing project when Mimo launches, the project loads and Mimo immediately shuts down/crashes/disappears. However, if I open Mimo, launch a NEW project, Close the NEW project and open the existing project all is well. Don’t know how I can get a bug dump for you as the program just closes.



@lorcott I’m sorry to hear about the issue. Sounds like there is something in your document that makes mimoLive trip up. We’ve heard about issues like that when people removed drivers from the system for Blackmagic devices or audio devices (like Loopback) or accounts that were still referenced in a source.

You can also try to reset mimoLive (mimoLive → Help menu → Reset mimoLive). This resets all application-wide settings.

Another thought: Do you have Periscope set up as a streaming destination in that document?

no periscope. I’l try the reset later.