New FotoMagico 5 beta and Demo Slideshow

        <div class="EmbeddedContent"><strong>New FotoMagico 5 beta and Demo Slideshow</strong>
           <p><p>Our developers are working hard on the next FotoMagico Version. The latest beta adds the option to ignore Storyboard authoring alerts about images size or file format, automatically de-interlaced video playback and various fixes like correctly displayed progress bars on OS X Yosemite, faster creation of standalone players and exports and much more. <a href="">Download and full version history are available on the website as usual</a>. </p>  <p>Also we created a <a href="">new demo slideshow</a> where you can see the new features of FotoMagico 5 in Action. </p></p>
           <p><a href="">Read the full story here</a></p>
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Nice slideshow, when do you expect to release version 5?

I have tried but doesn’t work!

Hi - is there a problem on your end? I can’t play the new demo slide show. Thanks.

I tried the “new demo slideshow” link above the other day and it worked. I just tried it again this morning and it doesn’t. If you signed up to be a beta-tester and have the latest beta version installed (as of today 5.0b51), you can not only view the slideshow, but actually download it as a FotoMagico .fms slideshow file (from the main menu File > Open Demo Slideshow) and save it back to your hard drive.

I tried a lot functions in FM5, I can’t find any problem!
It’s time to release FM5…

Great demo slideshow. I will keep it as a reference and guide
I have created several new slideshows withFM5 beta (first to last version), using almost all of the functions and many snippets - no problems now.

Many thanks to the team for their efforts

My wife and I have been working on a slideshow of her trip to Mongolia. Been using the beta versions as they have been released, and things do seem to have gotten better over the last few months. When I first saw the older demo with the sliding background panorama, and the surfer on the wave, I was like “Wow!! I’m gonna do that!!” Once I figured out how, I used it in a couple of presentations we have made since then. Now I see on the NEW demo the last 4 slides have a sort of 3-D effect as the background pans and zooms, and the foreground pans and zooms, both in very slight amounts. Gives the illusion that you can almost see “behind” the foreground. That could have been done in the previous FM version, but it never occurred to me to do it like that. Now I’m going to try that, too!!

I’ve been using FM5 beta to create a small slideshow for testing. I tried saving it to Dropbox however FM5 crashed. I sent report to Apple and also the automatic diag to FotoMagico.

how to create blocks into a slide show ?

Folks, I paid the upgrade from FM3 to FM5 beta, however it is not working fine, cannot play the slideshow for some reason. Can I use FM4 instead while FM5 beta improves stability? Would the FM5 license work with FM4? Thanks.

Running OSX El Capitan.