New Computer not accepting Reg Key

I am trying to set up Mousepose on a new MacBook and the license key is not working. I have deactivated my old computer. Not sure what the issue is. I have transcribed it correctly.

Hi @sbrereton Thanks for joining the Forum and for using Mouseposé.

Note that you also need to fill out the Name and Organisation fields exactly as entered in the license key.

Since the Mouseposé 4 license key has many characters, the best way to enter the license key is to find the FastSpring Email with your license key information and to click on the link that is in the license key email to automatically enter the license key into Mouseposé.

Thanks Oliver, that worked.

But, now I find that sometimes the mouse effect freezes; it does not follow the mouse track. Sometime it does, but then when I pull up another application as a background, it freezes again.

Looking at other threads I use Apple OS 10.15 and Mousepose 3. Is this an issue?

Correction: it looks like I have Mousepose 4.1 even though it says Mousepose 3 when I hover over the icon in the bottom tray.

That sounds like you may have multiple copies of Mouseposé. Can you search for Mouseposé and remove all old ones?

If Mouseposé stops working, it is probably because it doesn’t have the Accessibilty permission. Can you please check in System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy -> Accessibility that Mouseposé ist listed there and has a checkmark? Also it needs Input Monitoring (but that works apparently).

Hi Oliver. That fixed it. I deleted version 3, added version 4 to my tray, and then yes, Input Monitoring was not selected. Once I changed that it appears as though we are good to go. Thanks

I am facing the same issue and not able to copy over my license key. I keep getting the message “License Key incomplete or not correct. Please continue typing”. I’ve sent 2 emails and haven’t gotten a response. Please help!