Need to figure out how to stream on my personal page

I have a Squarespace site and my client want to do an event this weekend. I don’t know how to embed for a site. Please Help!!

No idea if Squarespace offers any streaming service itself, but the easiest way would be to use YouTube as the streaming provider, connect mimoLive to it and then link from the Squarespace page of your customer to the YouTube page or simply include/frame the YouTube page on your customers Squarespace page. But there must be some sort of docs on Squarespace for this as you are for sure not the first customer with that needs.

We are doing a burlesque show and I don’t think I can put that on YouTube.

You have to use one of the commercial streaming providers then. For example Boxcast, Dacast, Vimeo, Castr, IBM Streaming, Streamshark or others. Most starting at USD 100 a month.

I’m not getting graphics to output to live stream!

I think you are in the wrong place.
Here, we discuss about Mimolive software.

You need figure out and LEARN how to do streaming’s with the help of someone who knows how, or looking tutorials in youtube , or some specialized forum, and then come back here, read the manuals and learn how to use Mimolive.

And then, if you have doubts or troubles, we will glad to help