Need SRT input and output

Need SRT listener as well as SRT output update for mimolive as RTMP is a dead (Flash) protocol. WebRTC via mimocall is not yet PRO standard. Need this to use AWS Elemental Medialive / Mediaconnect. SRT input from remote source to studio for live production and SRT output to AWS Mediaconnect for streaming live to millions. Priority should be for SRT output. Thanks.

Hi @Venk Thanks for your comments. SRT is on our list. mimoLive 6.0b1 already offers SRT ingest via the new FFmpeg source.

RTMP is very much alive and the most used live video streaming protocol. The only thing it has to do with Flash is that it was designed at the same time by Adobe. Even AWS MediaLive supports RTMP ingest, according to the docs. I don’t have any experience using it, so I can’t say how well it works or not.

No doubt SRT is important, but it is also much more complicated to understand and control by the users.

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