Need help with Syphon

Hi everybody.

I use Mimolive 6.2. I try this but it doesn’t work :

Mac mini M1 :

  • 1 mimolive + 1 Zoom iso V2 (i use syphon to send zoom cam)
  • I can use all cams on syphon source ( No problem )

On my Second iMac on the same network:

  • 1 Mimolive to capture zoom cam from the mac mini
  • Impossible. I can see my cam
  • When I try with NDi it’s work.

Is it normal ?
Thanks for your help.


Syphon is a technology to route video on the very same machine from one app to another. It can’t transmit the video data to a second machine. If you want to transmit the video to another machine NDI is a good choice.

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Oh thank you .
I was convinced that siphon worked like NDI. What a pity I am delighted to use Siphon with mimolive I find it less greedy
Thanks for your answer