Need help: mimoLive sometimes doesn't recognize mp4 files half way through

Hi @kohki.shikata Thanks for digging into this and reporting your findings!

You should be able to simply use the NDI source in mimoLive to get the output from ProPresenter. If ProPresenter has Syphon and runs on the same machine, you can simply use a Syphon source.

mimoLIve doesn’t “work well” on M1. This means that it works to a certain degree. Your document might simply push too hard. The internals for this problem are quite complicated, so it isn’t an easy solution on our end. Your information may help us to get to the bottom of this.

That is interesting.

I don’t think it is correct. We ask the OS for a value of the free space on the GPU and this is what is reported. However, it doesn’t take into account data that is taking up space but no longer needed. This data will simply be overwritten when new data needs to be loaded into the graphics memory. Also, this feature doesn’t take into account the shared memory situation of the M1. It also may be that the OS doesn’t report correct values for Rosetta 2 processes.

I’m quite interested in learning how this is wired. Is ProPresenter running on the same computer? If so, it wouldn’t need NDI Syphon, you could simply use a Syphon source in mimoLive. This will greatly reduce the processsing needed, as you don’t need to encode NDI and then decode it. Also, I think ProPresenter supports NDI output directliy, so if it is on another computer, you wouldn’t need NDI Syphon either as you should be able to simply use the NDI Source in mimoLive.

It is quite a job. Thanks for the kind wishes!

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