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This is a place to post if you are, for example, looking for someone to make a soundtrack for your slideshow or if you offer such a service.

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Can you help on how to broadcast from BoinxTV to Ustream or justinTV

might need someone to write a custom layer for me. Need to moderate a twitter feed and then convert it into a horizontal crawl WITH or WITHOUT avatar. Deadline is 1 week away. ANYONE??? $$$???

Iorcott Please send me an email: usefuldesign {dot} au {2} gmail {dot} com. I have done this kind of thing before and I have code that can work from an RSS (XML) feed that a Twitter moderating service provides (they used to be cheap but everyone seems to be upping there moderated feed service prices lately — one a client of mine was using by 10x existing price!). To by pass the moderated feed and directly access a Twitter channel from within the QC composition work require additional work. Since Twitter mandated Orth authentication to feeds it has broken all the existing know methods for getting feeds into QC. Let me know if you are interested in commissioning work.

Can you contact me?

I am looking for a mimoLive operator to produce a broadcast in Philadelphia Pa. You must be available to come into the studio 1-2 days per week. Terms are negotiable.

Perfect background removal only in 20 minutes at

Or need any design contact at