NDI Source Grey if not highlighted

Hi, just writing to let you know this particular behaviour.
I use a lot NDI especially if i have multiple guests on zoom pinned in other PCs.
As you can see in the screenshot attached, at a certain point, if i dont have highlighted in the layer stuck the NDI source which is LIVE in that moment, is goes Grey.
Do you have any evidence of this? maybe i’m doing something wrong on the NDI side? on the other PC i’m using NDI Scan converter 4.5 to grab audio&video signals, and add as NDI source in MimoLive.
I have also noticed that if the NDI source is not “alive” for a while, i have the layer greyed, but in the case above, the source is producing data.


Any thoughts? This doesn’t happen soon, but later 20-30 minutes the source is grabbed in NDI

This is strange. What mimoLive version is this and what version of macOS?

Sending video via scan convertor on mac or on pc? On mac it’s never been reliable for me. The Sienna Scan convertor is better. And test ethernet dongles because a lot of them cause issues as well.
You can check if the issue in only with Mimo Live or with the NDI stream with NDI viewer.

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Sorry guys, got the message just right now.
@Oliver_Boinx i’m on MimoLive 5.9.1 under macOS 10.15.7

@oliver1 i’m sending with NDI scan converter from a windows PC to my Mac where is based MimoLive. I’m using NDI Tools 4.5

But i remember i had this problem also with version 4 and earlier MimoLive release (the firts event that i remember i had this issue was last July).
Yes for sure will do tests with NDI Monitor so i can double check.

Let you know

The left button in the top right corner is a multiView.
Try to add your sources, which should be kept alive too.


Btw, mimolive is on version 5.10.1, maybe there changed lots between now and the last two months. Current version: https://boinx.com/connect/mimolive/versionhistory/5.10.1

@JoPhi thanks for your message.
i will try the new release of course and see if i still have the issue.
Basically the source is always alive, and in the last production i used the MW not that one, but the other which open a new window that i have on the other monitor. I think it’s the same.
However i try to have it there too and let see what happen.
of course all the NDI sources are on a separate dedicated network, all wired.

Hi. I’m looking at setting up my first NDI based network. Any tips?

Hi James, I prefer NDI|HX over NDI because the lower data rate makes things much easier and the quality is not that much different.

Also, please note that NDI|HX requires a separate “driver” installation.

I heard NDI/HX can have various delay times during broadcasting due to the compression used. Is this true? As this would make it hard to sync with audio. Especially in a multicam environment.

Hi Oliver. Which version of NDI does mimoLive transmit from the NDI output?

@JoPhi I did few tests today and even if i have MW with NDI sources i still have the problem.
It’s really random there’s no sequence or somethign that trigger this behavior.
NDI monitor receives the feeds withoout problems.
In this particular case, my NDi source is one Windows PC, from where i grab the 2 screens by NDI Scan converter.
The issue happen when i change the layer on the preview window. when this happen, i notice that also the source in MW go to black. as soon as i select the NDI layer source for the preview it appears on the MW too.
Quite strange IMHO.
I used latest MimoLive release 5.10.1

I will try to replicate this with another mac replacing the Windows PC and see if it’s something related to the different OS systems.


That’s very strange. So the content vanishes because of a selection inside a layer and it re-appears, when you open the source? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

As said i have 2 NDI sources from that PC, 2 screens. Set them inside the MW.
For example: after lets say 10 minutes of switching, if i select a layer for lower third for example, inside the MW i see the first NDI source (screen 1) that goes to black. If im live with that source, i have the grey filled.
If i click back to the layer with that source it comes back to life. On the other side, the second source has no problems. I always have it “alive”

Could you please try this?

Test one:

  1. Make a duplicate of your file. (in finder)
  2. Open it.
  3. Delete the source with the strange behaviour
  4. save the file.
  5. reboot the mac.
  6. open the file again.
  7. create a new source

Test two:

  1. Make a duplicate of your file. (in finder)
  2. Open it.
  3. Delete the strange source
  4. Switch on “debug mode”
    (hold option-key and find Debug Preferences at the mimoLive menu, go to Debug and set Global: Enable Debug Mode to on)
  5. save the file.
    6 reboot the mac
  6. open the document
  7. open (the new) debug menu → show hidden sources
  8. Are there duplicate placeholders? If yes, delete all which are duplicates.
  9. do not touch data-sources!!!
  10. is a drag and drop of sources from top to bottom now - without any glitches - possible?
  11. save your document. (and deactivate debug mode), reboot and add your source.

hi @JoPhi thanks for your suggestions.
I tested but the issue remain.
but i did something: i created a new document and setup this new in a different way.
In the first document where i have this issue, the main layer acting as a switcher is a split screen with 5 variants, and i switch between them.

With the ne document i did the PIP using the PIP window layer, and layer sets to recall all the different layouts. W
With this configuration i had no problems, so i suppose there’s something about the split screen layer itself.

Thank you so much for your feedback about the split screen, also for the tests. I also explored, that in some circumstances, placeholders are visible for 1 to 4 frames, while switching between variants of the split screen. The Placeholder G does magically vanish. Maybe these phenomenons are connected in any way.

Does this help, @Achim_Boinx ? :hugs: