NDI source duplication

I’ve got a Birddog Mini feeding into mimoLive, but for some reason it shows up as two different sources. Sometimes it comes in as one, and sometimes the other. Are the four digits after the IP address port numbers?

I’ve had the idea to plug a passthrough EDID emulator into the Birddog Mini HDMI input, since the source hopping only happens when the video source (laptop) is unplugged and replugged. Waiting for it to arrive so I can test it out.

Hi @Jason_Jenkins Yes, the numbers are port numbers. They represent the NDI streams that are available from one device. Since the device could have multiple streams, we can’t just automatically switch if there seem to be more than one available. The NDI device changes the port numbers every time it changes the configuration.

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This behavior is why I have largely abandoned NDI in favor of non-network hardware solutions. It seems like horrible design on the part of NDI. Hopefully the EDID emulator will trick the Birddog Mini into thinking it has a constant video source.

I’m sure there is a better way to do this in NDI. We will look into this when we implement NDI 6.

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