NDI Output - strange characters

Trying to use the NDI Output Module and when starting NDI Studio Monitor on another PC I can actually see the stream. Trying the same on an IOS device, I do see the stream listed, but it won’t start playing. Not sure why, but am suspecting strange characters in the name, for me it looks like this: “M1MAX-MBP.LOCAL (mimoLive NDI┬«)”. Maybe something else, but basically works everywhere other than my iOS devices running Sienna NDI Monitor. Someone any ideas?

More info: Using Scenica Player all works. But quite expensive… So it is either Sienna in combination with mimo (as Sienna is receiving fine from other sources) or something else.

Hi @daniel I just did some quick testing and it seems it is indeed that strange character that is to blame.

You can edit the name of the output destination in mimoLive by double clicking on it and removing the ®.

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Perfect. Confirmed working - was looking all over the place and never thought about changing the output module. Thanks.