"NDI Out" audio cutting in and out, and scrambled

We had significant issues with the audio in the NDI output from MimoLive this AM. Audio in the MimoLive Audio Monitor (monitoring “Program Mix”), and our live stream pushed out to BoxCast were both fine, but the audio sent and decoded by our NDI receivers was cutting in and out every half second, and when you could hear it, it was heavily distorted and scrambled. The audio output was the same at 2 different NDI destination receivers. Rebooting the receivers made no difference. Stopping and re-starting the NDI output from MimoLive made no difference. Creating a new Audio Mix, and then using it as the audio source for the NDI encoder made no difference. As a result, we were not able to host people in the overflow room we had set up for our service this AM.

(I meant to verify the audio settings on our show file, but will do this when I head back to our facility in the next few days.)

MimoLive v5.7

Any suggestions?

I discovered that when I have my MimoLive show settings set to 1080p30 I do not have audio issues on the NDI receivers:

…but when I change my show settings to 1080p29.97, the NDI Out audio at my receivers has the issue where the audio is cutting in and out:

This was tested using the same MimoLive show file, and the same media file in that show file. When I go back to our facility, I will test with an NDI destination that is not a BirdDog Mini (currently all of our destination screens use BirdDog Mini’s for NDI decode), to try to determine if the audio issue is on NDI encode in MimoLive, or in decode at the receiver. Regardless, the audio is always fine in both the MimoLive Audio Monitor and in our BoxCast live stream (the same audio mix in MimoLive is currently used for each, plus the NDI feed.)

Appears there was a bug in the firmware of our decode boxes, which was causing the audio issues. Updated beta firmware received from the manufacturer seems to have resolved it.

Glad to hear that it got resolved! Thanks for the feedback.