NDI HX 3 + Mimolive beta

NDI® announces NDI|HX 3
NDI®|HX 3 uses a fraction of the bandwidth over NDI® High Bandwidth to unleash unparalleled flexibility for NDI users and partners.
Now available to anyone using an NDI®|HX enabled device, users can select NDI®|HX 3 as an option for better video with reduced latency – using a fraction of the bandwidth of NDI® High Bandwidth. NDI|HX 3 as an option for manufacturers to magnify flexibility, without the need to change or upgrade hardware.

is it supported by mimolive?

According to NDI this is supported by the current SDK which is in mimoLive 6.0b8

Technically, it is apparently just a setting for the encoding.

We do not have NDI|HX 3 devices, so I can’t tell for certain.

Hi Oliver, how about the mimolive NDI output destination? Looks like it only supports full NDI while using HX and now the HX3 whould be great to save bandwidth…

@Matteo_Deninno Good point. Adding HX to the output destination requires a) paying a license fee to NDI for the Advanced SDK and b) development resources. We have this on our list for later this year.