NDI connecting but no video

In mimoLive my NDI source is found but I do NOT receive any video or audio feed.
(my camera gets tally information from mimoLive…)
If I check with other applications (like NDI monitor) I receive video and audio.

What could be the problem?

Thank you!

Hi there, thanks for using mimoLive.

This is very strange. What are the NDI sources?

Please check if the NDI cameras are in the same IP subnet as the mimoLive Mac and that you have the latest NDI|HX driver installed from ndi.tv.

NDI Source is the iPhone App NDI HX Camera. IP subnet is same on iPhone and Mac.
Using NDI Video Monitor on the Mac, video is transmitted normally.

In mimoLive the iPhone NDI is recognised as source and connects. There is also the “green dot” that connection is successful. But no video and audio is transmitted.

Tally updates in the iPhone app and gets “red” when live in mimoLive.

I re-installed the NDI HX Drivers from the website. Same problem.

Thank you.

Can you send me a screenshot of your mimoLive Document with the blank video?

Very curious. What version of mimoLive is this?

I just did the exact same thing here and had no issues.

Newest version… 5.8

Can you please make a screenshot of the “NDI Settings” Window in mimoLive? (Window -> NDI® Settings). Please make it big enough so that we can see the entire IP Address column.

Found a workaround:
In the App Settings on iPhone you can chose “NDI HX Camera Preferences: NDI Mode”
If I chose “Prefer TCP” instead of “Prefer UDP” it works.

Thy this? And whats the difference/better between TCP and UDP?

Thank you!