NDI Audio in NDI 5.6

Has anyone used NDI audio sources in a DAW using then latest version on NDI (5.6)?

My understanding is that it allows NDI sources to appear in the DAW.

I can’t get any NDI sources to appear except for generic “NDI audio”

Apparently, the feature is Windows only :frowning:

Some solutions that are not as elegant:
Sienna NDI Core audio

AV Sono AU plugin

Another option to consider: the NDI Audio device will be live once you point Virtual Input at something.

For example:

  • Start NDI ‘Test Patters’ and make sure a tone is being sent
  • Start NDI ‘Virtual Input’, point it at the test patterns source
  • Start a DAW, set the recording device to ‘NDI Audio’, start recording.

You should see and hear the tone come through. It works for me at least.

Obviously this will only give you a single, two-channel, audio source, but at least it’s something and you don’t need to install another app if you don’t want to.

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I’m sure the “feature” is also available in the Mac version, there just isn’t an app exposing it. In mimoLive, we plan to support NDI Audio Input if the SDK permits it. If it is done properly, it will be an NDI device like any other just with no video channels.