NDI at work

This was originally going to be achieved with VNC or possibly mimocall but with plenty of lead up time for testing I went with the NDI option.
The photo is my nerve centre, We had 3 remote sites in Melbourne Australia on Skype hook ups to other universities in Vietnam, USA and Canada. Using Skype TX boxes I took an output split into BMD Ultrastudio 4ks at the remote sites into Mimolive and activated NDI output. Back to the master control the feeds appeared instantly. At master control I had Mimolive running on a MacPro with the 3 NDI source feeds, It worked remarkably well, great resolution and minimal delay, very resource friendly on all of the macs, we where very fortunate to have a very fast closed network between our sites in Australia, using an average of 100mb/s for each NDI stream.
NDI at work 13-8-17

@winnie Very, very cool! Thanks for sharing! What is missing from mimoCall to be able to replace the Skype TX boxes?

Wow! I would love to see some photos or behind-the-scenes footage.

@“Oliver (Boinx)” The advantages of using the TX box (Riedel stx200) over Mimocall is the ability to show a full screen image of the incoming stream without the outgoing pip, (need a Mimolive to Mimolive call and not a web browser.) Also the ability to have an independent master control independent of the Tx/Rx to monitor technical data and initialise the hookups between locations. @“Jason Jenkins” Production shots are being sorted, I’ll post a link when its complete.

@winnie Thanks for the feedback! So do I understand correctly, that the mimoCall client being able to show the feed from the studio full screen without any overlays would be a benefit?

Looking forward to the BTS photos!

@“Oliver (Boinx)” That is correct. In event mode we need a clean full screen display to be available

@winnie But the connection is still a two-way with a video feed also coming back? Or do you just want to stream to a single remote location so that some people can watch there?

@“Oliver (Boinx)” Most definitely 2 way, this is all in reference to what is needed to not use a Skype TX box so web browser at the client end may not be the answer if we want an embedded HD SDI feed for display.

Only once have I used mimocall in a live situation
Host site, mimolive show with no Output configured

  • Layer order from top
  1. Video Source - BMD U/Studio 4k feed from Atem Aux o/p
  2. Syphon Layer TX
  3. Mimocall

2nd mimolive show - Output BMD U/Studio 4k to ATEM i/p

  1. Syphon Layer RX

Client site was boardroom so just ran Chrome Browser.
A little bit of delay but conversation was possible.

To take this further and have the host be displayed large scale for audience, the client site would need to loose the pip with local source.