My mobile rig setup & hardware list

This is something I’ve wanted to do for awhile, was to post my rig so people could use it for ideas in their setup. I’m part of the local Mac & iOS user group and host a monthly meeting where we do demos, Q&A, and help with issues. Since we meet at a local library that has no infrastructure other than a projector & screen.

My history with using Boinx & MimoLive goes back several years. I was a BoinxTV user early on, beta tested & was a day one user of ML.

Hardware List:

The dividers are made from wood and foam from material that was laying around the local Makerspace I belong to. The plywood was all trial and error, lots of measuring to get it all to fit. Joints are pocket holes drilled with a Kreg Pocket hole jig. Channels were cut for airflow and to run cables. Some of the foam was glued with just regular wood glue. The front slot where the tripod sits serves as an air duct and a cubby hole to store the mic & camera in transport. I didn’t glue any of the wood joints so it could be taken apart and reconfigured easily in the future, if needed. I’d initially planned to cover the wood in felt, but didn’t get to it. I’ve recently 3D printed a mount for the Scarlett 2i2 I found online ( as the Velcro I tried to use didn’t stick to the bare wood very well.

I try to leave things cable managed and plugged in when I can as the time I have to setup is pretty short. Camera is hooked up to the BMD Mini Recorder, presenter laptop to the BMD Intensity Pro & the output on that card goes to the projector, so the live audience can see Keynote slides, demos, web pages, etc. The production Mac (the 17in MBP) gets a Thunderbolt cable & USB cable from the Scarlett plugged in from the box. The external hard drive and PCIe chassis are daisy chained together. Currently working on some retooling, so I’ll hopefully update this thread soon with those details. Stay tuned!

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@kmac1036 This is awesome! Thank you for sharing. I’d like to do a little write up on the setup. Can you also provide some examples of what you do with the kit?

@kmac1036 oh wow didnt even think of that!!! an external PCIe case jeez, a client was just asking me about a similar setup, i said It couldnt be done with multiple cameras - now i feel like an azz! very cool @kmac1036 thanks for posting this…

@“Juan Grano” We can do up to 8 SDI HD video inputs with the Blackmagic Quad 2 card in a PCIe enclosure.

@“Oliver (Boinx)” yes I just saw the new card that came out… Blackmagic Design Announces DeckLink Quad HDMI Recorder

@“Juan Grano” I would recommend using SDI instead of HDMI, though, because HDMI cables are limited in range and due to their massive weight very inconvenient to run.

As a matter of fact, I would begin thinking about NDI as an alternative:

@“Oliver (Boinx)” sure! I use the rig to record the monthly presentations for the local Mac User Group (we cover pretty much anything Apple related and offer Q&A time or help time to folks that have issues they haven’t been able to resolve). I record and trim the file, usually post to vimeo. We’ve also been streaming live on youtube.

Looks like the Helios is SOLD OUT for good… any other alternatives with at least 2 slots?

@“Juan Grano” Sonnet Technologies ( and Akitio ( are alternatives.

@“Juan Grano” PS.: Go for Thunderbolt 3 if your Mac has it.

@“Juan Grano” one of these two should work, but you’ll need Apple’s TB2 to TB3 adapter too if you don’t have a newer machine with TB3/USB-C ports.

gotcha thanks!